Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Lower, poo plant to kayaker take out

Drew, Meagan, Gordon

Very boney, but doable. Log in between the two rocks in the B&P
Excellent surfing between the B&P and the toenail, which we portaged. Drew and I were going to run it but we had no throw bag.



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lower Spokane


Poo Plant to Kayaker takeout

Drew, Meagan, and Gordon

1200 cfs



Drew and Gordon did a second run

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lower Spokane River

August 16, 2009
Poo Plant to the Kayaker Take-out

1300 CFS

Jillian, Gordon, Curtis, & Drew

Jill's first time through the B&P!! Scary, but not too bad at this level. We portaged the D's T again. Jillian swam through a rocky bit just below the Toenail. Must have hit a rock or something. But didn't get too beat up :).

Gordon and Drew went back for a second run while Jill went home to make dinner.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lower Spokane

1100 CFS
Poo Plant to Kayaker Take-out
Drew, Gordon and Curtis

The B&P is quite navigable at this level. Jillian ran shuttle and was jealous that she didn't paddle. The Toenail is not currently navigable (as you can clearly see below) unless you are incredibly talented or incredibly stupid, so we portaged there.

Upper Lower Spokane River


Water Street to TJ Meenach

1100 CFS
Drew, Gordon, & Jillian

A nice morning run. Clouded up when we were out there. The river is very shallow, but the lower is still very runnable. Afterwards we scouted the B&P and DT just for fun : ).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spokane River

Upper Section--Barker to Sullivan
CFS: 1350

Jillian, Drew, Megan, Curtis, and Sherri

A very rocky run, more like an obstacle course that kayaking, really. But very fun! Curtis surfed everything. Jillian got stuck backwards in S-Turn twice due to rocks. Good times.

Clark Fork

Alberton Gorge


5,370 cfs

Gordon, Kent, Chris, Doug, Duke, Kent, on the kayak run in the morning.

Gordon, Jillian, Sherri, Terri, Susan, Doug, Chris, Kent, on the later morning run.

Clark Fork

Alberton Gorge x2

Gordon x 2 , Jillian x 1/2, Drew x 1 1/2, Meagan x1, Sherri x1 , Duke x1 , Doug x 2, Chris x 2, Kent x 2, Curtis x 1 1/2

8/8/09 - Gordon's Birthday

4, 540 cfs


Clark Fork

Alberton Gorge


3,890 Cfs

Gordon, Jillian, Drew, Meagan, Kent, Duke

Jillian had 4 combat rolls and 2 swims :-)


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spokane River (Upper-Lower)

Water St. to TJ Meenoch

Curtis, Jillian, Gordon
1300 CFS

We ran into Drew on a paid rafting trip along the way. He was taking a family of Texans down in a ROW raft. We had a great time chatting with them. The level is low, but ther are some fun play waves, especially on the lower half of the Upper Lower. Beautiful weather--96 degrees in downtown Spokane.

Upper Spokane

Barker to Sullivan

August 2nd

1400 cfs

Drew, Curtis, Chris Hoppe, Gordon

Bony as all get out. Dropped my keys in the drink at the take out :-( But recovered them after searching for a few minutes. :-)

Clark Fork- Alberton Gorge

7/31- Kent, Sherri, Matt, Gordon

Cyr to Kayak take-out

Tons of fun. Triple Bridges was't quite in. Awesome surf wave river left after Tumbleweed. Fang was surfable.

Photos Here